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You can get Acupuncture Treatment Right in Your Home or office


Finally, Acupuncture house calls are available in more and more areas in the States. Unfortunately up until now, acupuncture house calls are truely very rare in today's busy world. Doesn't it just make sense that the healthy acupuncturist travel to visit the ill or injured patient?

Of course it does, but today, acupuncture treatment is usually administered in clinics, which requires the infirm to travel, often at the expense of additional, unnecessary pain and suffering.

Patients are left with scheduling appointments at a usually inconvenient time, and then sitting in a clinic's overcrowded waiting room. Add to that the frustration that builds as the acupuncturist is usually behind schedule and you are still unseen 45 minutes after your scheduled time, even though you were there on time. It just doesn't seem fair, does it?

In addition, there also may be the stress of bringing your kids with you or having to find someone to watch them. And don't forget the travel time to get to the doctor's office. A real big hassle due to traffic and rising gas prices.

Wouldn't it be great to have an acupuncturist come to your home or office to treat you? In the evenings or on weekends when you don't have worry about travel or babysitters or waiting? And at a convenient time for your busy schedule?

To help those of you desiring a house call, we offer Acupuncture House Calls, serving the New York metro area. An acupuncturist can visit you in your home or office, and examine you and treat you on the same visit. To ensure the quality of our professional service, all doctors who join our network are required to have at least over 3 years of proven clinical experience.

Helping patients receive care in the unhurried, familiar atmosphere of their home can be very beneficial in the healing process of conditions. Don't forget to check out insurance information in Q and A page.

To take advantage of this convenient approach to patient care, start by finding a house call acupuncturist in find a doctor's page, simply contact the acupuncturist you find for more information and make an appointment for acupuncture house call.

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NOTE: Acupuncturist providing house call services can start to register now in Provider Login area, and is available for user search immediately